• Need to Haul a 900 Pound Load with your 4 Wheeler?
  • Like to get 40 to 50 MPG with your off-road vehicle?
  • The Only Western Colorado Mini Truck Dealer
  • Serving Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas and Beyond!
  • We personally deliver up to 500 miles! The first 150 miles is free with any truck purchased at the listed full retail price only. Now accepting Visa, MasterCard & Discover! Call Dan today @ 970-261-0438.

  • Frequently Asked Questions……

    ARE MINI TRUCKS STREET LEGAL? I import the mini trucks as off-road vehicles and that is how I must represent them and sell them. To my knowledge, at least 22 states now allow limited use of mini trucks as off-road vehicles on public roadways. Please check into your local and state laws BEFORE purchasing to be sure your state will allow you to use your mini truck as you intend to!

    WHAT ABOUT PARTS? I stock some common parts such as air & oil filters, tune-up parts, brake pads, timing belts & tensioners, water pumps, etc. Carburetor kits are now in stock for your Suzuki DD51T for only $19.95! I purchase many parts from suppliers in the US as well as directly from Japan. I can usually get most parts, new or used, within 5 to 7 business days regardless of where they originated. Call now for prices and availability.

    Mini Truck Availability

  • 1999 to 2013 Mini trucks with EFI, A/C and P/S are now available, featuring Suzuki, Mitsubishi & Daihatsu!
  • We currently have a great selection of BRAND NEW and late model fuel injected mini trucks on our lot! All of our mini trucks have 4WD and heated cabs. Most have HI/LO range, power steering & air conditioning! Mini Trucks with automatic transmissions are now available in 4WD with high range only. All 1999 and newer trucks are fuel injected! Brand new 2013 Suzuki Carry DA63T trucks are still available, but supplies are limited! FREE DELIVERY WITHIN 150 MILES! NOW ACCEPTING VISA, MASTERCARD & DISCOVER!!
  • Website updated on 2/20/15. Call Dan now @ 970-261-0438